1 strollin 5:26
2 mameli Blue 5:55
3 clock blowin 4:17
4 angshadows 6:40
5 the early 60th 3:05
6 deuxdeux 5:59
7 instant fresco 0:42
8 supermarket 12:54
9 storries 5:32
10 steam 5:19
11 quiet more quietas 7:04
12 ursprung 4:32
13 ... it happened 5:56
CD total   73:35
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The music documented on this CD, on the one hand is reflecting the attempt to break through with a group of "laymans" within a short time to an exciting result, developing structure and sound and on the other hand the intention, building in real time sound and rhythm, based on more or less simple instructions of compositional aspects. The developing of "process-consciousness" and feeling the taste of musical self-production, what could be said "learning while doing", could be realized with founded mediums so far as time, real time of course, was available. In this meaning each piece of this recording is unique and came into being without rehearsal. Nevertheless they are compositions in the original meaning, arrangement, reflexion and fixations of musical language. CODES, which often can be discovered afterwards, developing her value, getting reproduceble in this way. Unfortunately a evidence of a composition these days. Thank you all players for her engagement.
CD title: AWO Anghiari Workshop Orchestra
personnel: Hubert Bergmann, conducting, group of students
upc-barcode: 4038085012195
label: mudoks records
catalogue-ID: 1192-02
format: CD
condition: new | out of stock
release date: 1999-08
country: germany
packaging: jewel case 2 panel- text in german
recorded by: Hubert Bergmannat at Anghiari music school 21.07.& 30.07.1998 | mastering by Giuseppe Monari, Massa Finalese 22.06.1999
artwork: Etyen Wery | photo: Jean Piere Bauduin
pricing: ---
distribution: mudoks records
p+c mudoks records | Werkstatt für improvisierte und neue Musik


CD AWO out of stock

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